Pain Interference Patters Survey Procedures

We applied Dillman’s Tailored Design methods to our population based recruitment.  These evidence-based recruitment methods include details for writing cover letters, soliciting timely survey returns, and conducting timed follow-up (Dillman, 2007).  Additionally, we used a population based mailing technique (e.g. Evers, Cummins, Prochaska, & Prochaska, 2005).  First, we randomly selected 10,000 households from five zip codes by purchasing consumer mailing information from US Data Corporation, a commercial mail list company.  These 10,000 households represent on average 22,000 individuals.  Taking into account a 13.4% disability rate in this location, the target population from the random sample is 2,860 people.  We sent invitation letters and pre-coded, anonymous, postage paid post-cards to each household.  To enroll in the study, individuals put the pre-coded postcards in the mail and we sent surveys along with a $10 incentive for each post card returned.